Video Marketing with Social Media

There are new ways to market your video with social media, are you getting it right? Or are you still doing the same old thing? It is true that YouTube is still king on the video hill, but with all that content, it is much harder to get noticed with all the chatter coming through that channel.

Today’s social media channels are vying for position in the video space too, and while I would never recommend completely ignoring YouTube, there are other areas you should be focusing on to better promote your content. These other avenues, namely Twitter and Facebook allow better targeting that allows you to get your message in front of the right people. Snapchat is an up and comer and is definetly something to take note of in the younger demographics.

Take a look at this SlideShare deck from Gary Vaynerchuk

P.S. SlideShare (now part of LinkedIn) is another great method to get your message across. Put together a deck on SlideShare, record a screen capture video while going through the slides and publish to the above platforms, then wright a blog post about it. One piece of content has now been spread over multiple channels. Work smarter, not harder as the saying goes.